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Lize Verlooy

aka Lize BLAUW

I am a freelance artist  and performer . Driven by my fascination for  natural processes  and the deeper mechanics of life ,i  started digging in the alchemy of ceramics and its geological principles . Creating lavas and melted earth … 

In search for the mechanics and the deeper flux of life , always looking for the soul in things , i create  multi-media sculptures and installations , assemblings that  mixes  multiple techniques into  cinematic installations.

Recylced fairytales fusing mythology , archetypes and animism with contemporary thematics. An artistic shamanic ritual. 

Interactive and open for dialogue.


After finishing a Master in Ceramics at PHIKO in Hasselt in 1995 ,  i continued  a long traject   crossing many other disciplines   and collaborations . Textile , figure theater , drawing ,lighting technics …the urge to learn is a state of mind in adaptability.


My works appeared in several Europian cities , Robodock Amsterdam , Bifff Brussel ,Rdece Zora in Slovenia 

In 2010 i started collaborating  with circus ,theater and music.

I work regurlary with Gokhan Girginol , in Wozeck and Robin Hassan Hood. 

Since 2011 i became a partner in crime in Post.TRAUM collective . In the  transdisplinary dance  performance ‘Beyond the Body’ we  explore the poetics of the speaking body and the language of senses. Between speech and speechlessness. 


More recently i developed a wide range of life visuals  in ‘The Arch’ in Genk. The tubular construction of  Construct lab and the research on  plastic recycling engaged into  a light laboratorium created with liquids  and raw materials . 


Since a couple of years i involved in the collectiveness of the musical constellation ‘Planete concrète ‘ The lovely liquid  creature Ground Ivy .  Probing performative journeys into frequenties through Europe interfering with other strange lovely creatures and circumstances and data waves, interconnecting universe.





2013  Muziek- figurentheater Vlinders, decorontwerp, figurencreatie visuals en                             performance, 

            met The      Bracket Percussion Ensemble SFINX Festival, (mei, juni)

           'Dorfer der Welt', scenografie en visuals, Gorges Ocloo , Genk, (juni)

            Theatervoorstelling, ‘Spelers van de ring', performance, Marijs Boulogne TAZ                   (Theater aan zee)

            Theatervoorstelling Ademlozing, CC Knokke-Heist, (september)

            Expositie Klein sculptuur, CC Heist op den berg, (november)

 2014 ' Muziek- figurentheater, ‘Vlinders',  Bracket Percussion Ensemble, Antwerpen, (juli            , maart )

           Concert Planète Concrète. 'Come in come out' musical constellations traffic,                    Antwerpen 

           Fietsorkest RAMONA  by BOLWERK CC Berchem Onbetaalbaar Berchem

            Concert Flat Bread Society. performing baking kano . bristol (juli)

            Concert Planéte Concrète 'CAMP' WOLKENSTEIN ITALY (juli)

           Figurentheater, Vlinders, in Sphinx Festival Mixed (juli)

            MICTLAN musical journey in death. at PAPA JOS Antwerpen.(oktober)

2015   Figurentheater ‘Vlinders'; BP (maart)

           Concert Planète Concrète 'De langste nacht' Antwerpen. Factory 44

           Figurentheater ‘Vlinders’ BP , Boze wolf festival , Aarschot

           'Theatervoorstelling Euthanasie met barbara' en stefanie Claes /. poppen

           Concert & installatie Daemons and Shell Scripts, performative public interface,                MUKHA Antwerpen , (maart - juli)   

           Concert Planète Concrète, HAPPY CRAPPY PARADE Air Antwerp (19juli)

           Figurentheater, los piratos joebox, Gitannekes festival (september)

           Theatervoorstelling Robin HASSAN Hood van Gokahan Girginol, projecties, C-                  MINE (september)

           Concert Planète Concrète, STRANGELOVE festival Antwerpen, (oktober)

           Expositie Angels and Devils Tentoonstelling, CC Heist op den berg, installaties                  oktober-     november



2016   Expositie EX.IST post traum collective, Zaal Belgie

          Bienalle van Limburg ,zaal 'BELGIE' Hasselt

          Figurentheater ‘Vlinders’ CC Oostende

          ‘Tales down the coastline’ expo drawings , Het voorwoord , Heist op den Berg

          Labo , groepsexpositie ,Entrepot , Leuven

          Concert Planete concrete , ladyfest BXL , Brussel

          Beyonde the body , performance Post Traum Collective, Zaal Belgie , Hasselt

          Concert Planete Concrete ‘Techno Cosmic Probe’ Lady fest .Barcelona

          Figuren theater Los Piratos Joebox , Baal


2017   Theatro Aha  ‘Los Piratos Joebox, Gitannekes festival,Herselt

          Concert Planete Concrète ladyfest Barcelona

          Theater Beyond the Body . Post traum Collective. Gent 'Bij de Vieze Gasten'

          COPY COP Houthalen LACHfestival

          MODULATION  concert Planete Concrete , Haut - Alpes ,France

          SfX cabaret ,concert Planete Concret  Calafou, Spain

          The Arch ,  Liquide projections  , Genk

2018   Planete Concrete , Radio Centraal Birthday party , Antwerpen

          Life visuals Instellar Ostara , Leuven 

          Beyond the Body , Gevleugelde stad Ieper

          Planete Concrete Crystelling  ,  Fete des zéros et des Unes @Labomedia Orleans

          Visuals Mothers and Daughters , BXL

          Residentie BIjloke , Beyond the Body, Gent

          Fungal Futures03 , mycelium contest winner in experiments  reserarch, Gent

2019   Bootcamp Reagent , Gent

          Cave of Glass MFX 0.3, Gevleugelde Stad , Ieper

          b-Classic, visuals , Genk

          Cave of Glass MFX 0.5, PAS festival , Maastricht

          Banzai, scenografie,Gokhan Girginol , Antigone Theater en RITCS Hogeschool    

          PLanete Concrete , Pleasure Island, Vooruit , Gent

          Toverspel, Lier stadspark , Soundscape met Schim

          Switch Witch Syndrome , Cmnp , natuurhistorisch museum, Amsterdam

 2020  Switch Witch Syndrome, Mutation Festival, Nerdlab , Gent

          Nerdlab, Switch workshop serie , circuit bending, Gent

          Oscilation Festival, Qo2, Bxl , streamed concert

          Switch workshops , BROEI, DIY workshops , Gent

          Birthday Party , scenografie in progres, Antwerpen

          Cave of GlassMFX 0.9 ,Future Proof ,  Deinze

          Switch Witch Syndrome, Bounce Up concert, Casa Rosa, stream, Gent

          Switch Witch Syndrome, Naughty Noise Night, Kinky star , stream, Gent

          Planete Concrete 'Sagitarius celebration, Qo2, Bxl

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